Lifelong passion for learning

Active Kids Group aims to inspire children with a lifelong passion for learning. We achieve this by providing a high-level of care and education in an environment designed to stimulate and inspire.

For 25 years now, we have consistently provided children between 8 weeks and 6 years of age with the tools to confidently learn and grow. We make sure all our children achieve their highest potential, ensuring every child’s love of learning is nurtured.

We are proud to say that Active Kids Group is among the most preferred and loved long day child care centres. We currently have 14 locations across Sydney.

Right at the top, and all the way through, Active Kids Group is run by educators passionate about learning. Our educators are carefully chosen for their strong qualifications, experience and natural flair. We take pride in our team of loyal, intelligent and seasoned educators, who inspire a passion for learning through stimulating environments within our day care services for children.

At a Glance

  • Stimulating, safe and high-quality child care centres that encourage every child’s curiosity and imagination
  • Child care centres owned, run and managed by experienced educators passionate about learning
  • A constantly evolving curriculum to keep up with agile young minds
  • Trained eyes focused on each child’s natural interests, abilities and emerging skills
  • Learning programs adapted to each child’s individual strengths, interests, abilities & curiosities

Our services provide nutritious meals that are meticulously prepared by our experienced on-site chefs. Our menus are designed and planned to be fresh, healthy, nutritious and multi-culturally based. We make it a point that all menus meet the dietary nutrition guidelines for long day care centres.

Our Signature

At Active Kids Group, we have created warm and welcoming spaces that play a key role in building lasting relationships with both children and their families, while encouraging learning through play. Our incredibly talented and experienced educators adapt programs based on each child’s interests, strengths and individual learning needs.