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Child Nutrition
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Each of our 14 services provide children with fresh, healthy meals based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines to ensure the provision of food and beverages is nutritious and adequate in quantity.

Our rotating menu ensures that Active Kids Group is always using the best, fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for meals. We support and provide for children with food allergies, dietary requirements and restrictions, as well as specific cultural and religious practices.

Our menu is age appropriate, therefore for children aged 0-2, all hard fruit and vegetables are parboiled and all meals and snacks are mashed or pureed as needed. New food will only be given to children after they have been introduced in the home environment at least 3 times first.

Other resources we use to create our service menus:

Key Notes:

AKG food philosophy

Our services promote healthy living, good nutrition and the wellbeing of all children, educators and families. We support and provide for children with food allergies, dietary requirements and restrictions by being egg and nut free, as well as specific cultural and religious practices.

How is food selected for the menu?

Children are offered food and beverages throughout the day that are appropriate to their nutritional and dietary requirements, based on the written advice contained in the child’s Enrolment, the Australian Dietary Guidelines and then reviewed by Munch and Move. We choose foods based on the likes, dislikes, growth and developmental needs, cultural, religious or health requirements of the children in our care.

Is nutrition incorporated into learning programs?

Our educators will incorporate health and nutrition regularly into the learning programs. Educators will discuss food and nutrition with children and families and encourage parents to continue our healthy eating message in their homes. Educators will encourage children to be independent and develop social skills at meal times.

Allergies and Intolerances

AKG services will minimise the risk of exposure to foods that might trigger severe allergy or Anaphylaxis in susceptible children.

Each child care centre will ensure children do not trade or share food, food utensils and food containers.

All our centres encourage nut and egg free zones.

Personal information about individual allergies in food preparation or serving areas will be displayed in accordance with privacy guidelines and parental consent.