Learn & Grow Program

Our Learn And Grow Program

The Active Kids Group Learn and Grow team consists of professionally trained fitness, music and language educators. The aim of this program is to inspire a passion for learning; for today and tomorrow.

All programs are delivered in the form of 30 minute weekly lessons. Each week, educators and families will receive the lesson plans and the resources that will be used. This enables everyone to become actively involved in the early childhood learning journey.

Our Learn and Grown Program has a 3 pronged approach, and includes:


Music has the potential to impact all areas of a child’s development – intellectual, social, emotional, physical, communication, language and literacy. Exposing children to music during early development helps children expand their vocabulary, develop team skills and strengthen memory.

In our Music program, children sing freely, listen to all kinds of music and experiment with hands-on instrument play. Focused on developing self-expression, individuality, creativity, in the course of these classes, children learn all about themselves and each other. Additionally, the skills they learn in these classes will be a starting point in the development of important musical skills like beat, pitch, rhythm and tempo.


The Active Kids Group fitness program has been designed to foster good physical fitness habits in our children.

We understand that physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

The regularity and quality of our fitness classes aim to not just promote healthy attitudes towards physical fitness, but teach the children about their bodies and how they work. Over the years, we have seen it build in our children strong self-esteem, flexibility and strength and an overall enjoyment of being active.



Learning a foreign language helps with brain development and lays the foundation for lifelong academic achievement. Our language programs are designed with the goal of impacting the children’s ability to interact with care, empathy and respect.

Through their language sessions, children not only develop a sense of belonging to communities, but gain an understanding of active community participation. Learning a new language also encourages children to respond to diversity with respect, and at Active Kids Group, we view this is an important component of sound development.

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