A Little About Denise

Hello, my name, is Denise and I have been employed with Active Kids Pre-School Centre of Excellence since the year 2007. I began as a trainee and then completed my Diploma of Children’s Services.

I thought I could challenge myself some more and went on to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. I have utilised my skills & knowledge not only as a Room leader but as a WHS monitor & Educational Leader.

As an accredited teacher, I have substantial experience and knowledge of various teaching practices, programs and strategies that serve pre-schoolers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, including children with special needs too.

As I continue on my journey, I endeavour to equip all children under my care with skills and capabilities to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. I am a keen learner who keeps abreast of developments and trends in education by pursuing continuous professional development learning to maintain my level of Proficient Teacher. I believe in quality and engaging learning environments that challenge early learners not only to reach their full potential but achieve their best in order to succeed and thrive.

I am passionate about utilising education to empower children and their families by building on individual and collective capacities. By arranging educational programs based on requirements of each individual child’s needs I am encouraging them to become resilient, collaborative and successful learners. My aim is to encourage children to construct their own learning in a stimulating environment and pursue to achieve a particular goal.

I love anything sweet, chocolates & desserts are my favourite. Apart from going for long drives I enjoy camping, listening to country and western music and walking my dog. My most recent memorable moment was when I won a dancing (jive) competition – best dancer on the dance floor!

Being multilingual, I am able to utilise this personal attribute to establish trusting relationships and develop a more in depth understanding with members of the Active Kids community. My experience and skills to motivate my educators to do their best, is an asset to the overall learning environment, which in turn nurtures and encourages them to give their best.

My positive experiences at Active Kids Homebush, makes me proud to say that I am glad Active Kids Group is part of my professional success story.


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