Meet Anna

Meet Anna our NEW Fitness Educator from the Learn & Grow Team

I have known from a very young age that I wanted to be an Early Childhood Teacher. My mother was a teacher so I have always looked up to her, often going in with her to help set up her classrooms and imaging myself in her shoes. Born and raised in the countryside of Barcelona, sports and outdoor activities have also had a very important influence of my life growing up. I have played basketball for many years and I have also had the opportunity to coach basketball and other multidisciplinary sports across many Early Childhood age groups.

Graduating from the University of Barcelona, I hold a degree in Primary Education specialized in Special Education. During my university studies, I worked as a nanny, volunteered in a Special Education School and was a trainee teacher for children from disadvantaged areas. I have been given the opportunity to engage with children across all age groups from birth to 16 years with different cultures and different needs; which has taught me the importance of inclusion in the Early Childhood ages and helped me gain a variety of valuable experience.

I arrived in Sydney in late October 2014 and began working in AKG World Square in April 2015 as an Inclusion Support worker. Since moving to Australia, I have also studied and obtained a Certificate IV and a Diploma in Sports Development from the College of Sports and Fitness of Sydney. In February 2016 I took time off to travel and explore the world, during this time I was able to visit and observe different schools around the world which has allowed me to learn about different cultures and ways of teaching.

In June 2018 I made my return to AKG World Square and in January 2019 I was announced as the new fitness teacher for the Learn & Grow Program. Being given the chance to join my two passions- education and sport, my mission at work is to motivate each child to explore the world through physical activity, teamwork values and promoting a safe and fun physical fitness program. For me, being a teacher is one of the most direct ways of influencing the society we live in and at the same time it is very rewarding and fulfilling for myself. My childhood teachers fostered within me a desire to learn, challenge myself and explore. I want to share that same experience with others.

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