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Meet Cassia our 2IC from Rhonda’s Cottage

I started working in Early Childhood in February 2015 when I accepted a role through Active Kids Group at their smallest service Rhonda’s Cottage in Cremorne.

The staff, families, children and the small intimate environment was something that really appealed to me and quickly made me realise that I had made the best choice of my life when decided to enrol in Early Childhood Education.

Rhonda’s Cottage has made me feel at home and feel as though I am apart of an extended family which has been so nice seeing as I left my family home in Brazil when I moved to Australia in 2013.

I hold Diploma in Early Childhood in Australia and have a degree in Marketing in Brazil, where I used to work as a manager in a Research Institute.

I’ve been experiencing such a huge change in my life, living in a new country, learning a new language/culture and getting to work in a completely different field as I used to. It’s been a very challenging journey but I don’t regret my choices, not even for a second as I know this is exactly what I meant to be doing and where I am meant to be in my life.

I absolutely adore exploring the vast nature that Australia offers. Whenever I have the opportunity, I’m out and about, hiking, swimming or just relaxing on the beach. I love being active and promoting an active lifestyle within my teaching with the children.

I love interacting and building positive relationships in a team environment. I am proud of being a qualified professional and providing care and guidance to children whilst building a trusty relationship with the parents. I love learning from the children and their energy is contagious, and this is what motivates me every day to come to work and be the best educator and role model I can be. My childhood was surrounded by love and care, and I still can remember how much effort my parents put in to raise me and my 2 sisters even in difficult times in Brazil. Now it’s my turn to give back all the love and care that I had (and still have), because every child is unique and special in my heart. I feel so fortunate I have received a sponsorship through Active Kids Group which has allowed me to stay in Australia in a career I am so passionate about and a country I love so much.

I am so excited for what the future holds for me within Active Kids Group and looking forward to continually growing both personally and professionally.