Meet Esther

Meet Esther our Language Educator from the Learn & Grow Team

I was born in Malaysia, a diverse and multicultural country, a land filled with food galore! Growing up, I learned three languages in school – Malay, Mandarin and English. Additionally, while I was brought up in a Mandarin speaking family, my parents often communicated with my grandparents in other Chinese dialect languages including Cantonese. So as you can imagine, language has often been a huge part of my life!

I often tell my friends that the ability to speak in multiple languages is like having different software language packs all installed as a data switch box in my brain. So, whenever I hear someone speaking a foreign language, I would try to switch the “button” in my brain to try respond the conversing person in their preferred language. Here’s a fun fact… Did you know that researchers have found the best time for any child to learn a second language is when they are between the ages of 6-7? Interesting isn’t it! Speaking of which, this is the same reason why I love teaching this particular age group as they seem to adapt really fast!

My formal qualifications include a Masters Degree in Communications (Public Relations) of which I completed in 2011 at the Murdoch University in Western Australia. My ability to communicate in multiple languages has allowed me to use my strength to help several exciting growing businesses in their sales and marketing teams, working within the Australian-Chinese markets. However, I often felt that something was missing hence in 2013, I decided to opt for a career switch by making my passion in language and teaching, a dream come true. I knew deep down in my heart that this was the best decision and I was never going to look back. As I recall the journey I have taken to date, I do not regret making this career switch.

As I continue on this rewarding career, I must say that there are ups and downs along the way. However, when I think of the children and of their futures, all of the long nights of thinking, planning and creating fun learning modules becomes a delight to do! Certainly, my kids are the sunshine to my soul, bringing smiles and many cheers to my heart. As I embark on my teaching role here with AKG, I want families to know that I will do my best to help develop and train the children to love the language of Mandarin.

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