Meet Farah

Meet Farah our centre coordinator from Newtown

I am currently the coordinator at Active Kids Newtown. I have had the privilege of working in the Early Childhood industry for the last ten years.

I started my journey as untrained educator in 2008 while simultaneously undertaking undergraduate studies in Accounting and Business Management. I learnt about child development and curriculum planning on the job as I worked across all ages. I was lucky to have many mentors along the way to inspire me to make a difference through best practice. In a short period of time, I progressed to a room leader role and found myself always reading about early childhood pedagogy and their implications for practices. This continually prompted me to challenge my perspectives and reflect on my very own practices.

I never realised how passionate I was about working with children until I finished my degree and got offered a role in accounting, which I gladly accepted. Whilst I enjoyed working with numbers, I only lasted for 2 weeks as an accountant. I missed being amidst children’s laughter and giggles. I missed being the scientist, the artist, the explorer and the researcher, all in a day! I therefore decided to make a comeback to Early Childhood.

This then led me to the decision of embarking on a profound professional development journey in Early Childhood where I kept studying one thing after another and have not stopped since. I have completed a Diploma in Children’s Services and pursued postgraduate studies in Educational Leadership in Early Childhood before enrolling myself in a Master of Teaching program at Macquarie University. I have also completed numerous short courses in between. I am aspiring to eventually engage in research on cognitive development in the early years after completing my current course.

During my career, I had the opportunity to work in different Early Childhood settings, including preschools and long day care facilities as an Early Childhood professional. Reflecting on my journey, I found establishing positive relationships with children, educators, families and the broader community to be central to creating a shared learning environment where everyone can thrive and grow together. I understand that our human resources can be our biggest asset and hence capitalising on the resources of my team is of paramount importance to me. My leadership style inspires my educators through effective communication, positive role modelling and most importantly, by creating an environment of intellectual stimulation.

Being part of the AKG family and having a support network of like-minded Early Childhood professionals committed to continuous improvement really empowers and inspires me to continue to be an advocate for young children, support my team to build on their capacities and to make a positive influence on the future generation we now educate.

Born and raised in Mauritius, I am trilingual. Besides my passion for reading and teaching, I enjoy face painting and actively adding to my repertoire of children’s songs. I have additionally worked as a children’s party entertainer in the past. I enjoy long drives, weekend getaways, spending time with my family and have taken an interest in Zumba as of late and found music and movement a great relaxation combination for me.

As the proud coordinator of Active Kids Newtown, I find my role very fulfilling and I consider myself amongst the lucky ones who get up every morning and actually look forward to going to work.

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