Meet Marine

Meet Marine our Language Educator from the Learn & Grow Team

When I arrived in Australia in 2010, I worked as a marketing coordinator for two years and travelled to India for one year. When I arrived back in Australia I made the decision to learn everything that I possibly could! I worked as a photographer in New Zealand, a baker in Sydney and finally a supervisor in a primary school in Eastwood. In 2015 I started my career in Early Childhood as a French teacher. Six months later I joined Active Kids Group as the language teacher for their 15 locations across Sydney. I took great pride in raising language awareness to the children and helping to introduce, what would become a year later – the Learn & Grow Program.

As a French teacher specialised in Early Childhood, my role at AKG has allowed me to start a unique language program, bringing a language and cultural awareness to the children. My personal mission at work is to encourage the children to learn by mime in a low-anxiety environment.  To do so, I base my lessons on the children’s interests and set-up different activities in the classroom that will spark their interests further. I want the children to feel safe and comfortable sharing aspects of their own culture with me and other children.

Coming from a multicultural family (Greece/Vietnam/France), I have also been raised with a mixed background, hearing many different languages and eating lunch with a fork and dinner with chopsticks throughout my childhood. I strongly believe that learning languages during Early Childhood encourages children to be more curious about the world and it promotes the appreciation of cultural diversity.  My main goal this year is to help my community become more inclusive (Ration Challenge 2018) and sustainable (Recycle Project).

My passion for children and languages has lead me to become a teacher, just like my dad. Since being a language teacher, I have also started studying French linguistics, aiming to teach French as a Language Integration (FLI) to refugees. This long process will finally come to an end in December and I hope to start volunteering next year while teaching at AKG.I spend most of my free time outdoors- travelling, sailing and rock-climbing as much as I can. If I can do all of that while eating cheese, then my life is complete.

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