Meet Nicola

Nicola is our centre coordinator at our Edgecliff Centre – Thumbelina. 

How long have you worked in the Early Childhood Industry and when did you join AKG
I have 19 years Early Childhood experience and have been a part of AKG for 3 years.

What do you love about working at Thumbelina?

My supportive and passionate team who go above and beyond everyday.

What are your qualifications?

Post graduate degree in Education

Bachelor of Business

Diploma in children’s Services

Experience (other jobs that you’ve done, other industries that you’ve worked in, other childcare/industry experience)

I have been lucky enough to own a Café in Avalon and have worked in the hospitality industry as an Events and Marketing Manager.

Your achievements and awards (both profession and personal)

Outstanding service of the year award 2016
Completing my ECT degree
Building a strong community within Thumbelina and having a strong connection with my families both past and present

Interest and hobbies

Travelling and seeing the world
Heading to the beach with a good book

 Your personal mission at work/what you are most passionate about (what you want to achieve at AKG)

I am passionate about building a team of educators who provide quality early education for children, ensuring that their passion for education drives them to build upon their practices and work together to support each other. I have a passion for creating inviting, warm and engaging environments which allow children to become actively involved in their own learning.

What inspired you to become educator?
With a big age gap in my large family, I spent my early years helping my mother to raise my youngest brother and sister who were born in the same year, but were not twins. I loved the responsibility and watching them grow and develop. I love that educating children keeps me young at heart.

Favourite childhood memory

Playing in the front garden all day and night on grass where we made forts with every blanket in the house.


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