Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia our Centre Coordinator from Rose Bay Cottage 

I have been fortunate enough to passionately teach and manage in a variety of educational environments across two continents, Europe and Australia.


I am originally from Munich, Germany but I have lived in Sydney for many years. I have worked in Early Childhood since 2009, starting with my own family day care and then working for one of the childcare centres within the University of Technology (UTS), Sydney.


I returned to Munich in 2014 and became the head of the International Montessori Preschool before returning to Sydney in July 2017.


I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and a Bachelor in Psycholinguistics, Psychology and Special Needs Education and a Graduate Certificate in Speech Therapy from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.


I became a teacher because I love seeing a child’s expression when they have just discovered something new and wonderful for the first time and when a child is able to perform a new skill without assistance for the first time. One of my interests is travelling and discovering the uniqueness of different cultures. I believe learning about, cultivating an interest in, and celebrating a wide variety of cultures is important. In my role as coordinator here at AKG I aim to lead a team that teaches children to appreciate both, our similarities and our differences as members of a multicultural community.


I believe that children learn through play, having fun, feeling valued and most importantly being allowed to be a child. In my opinion, a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm is the most important key to learning. I aim to assist children on their learning journey giving them the freedom to explore and develop in a warm and caring environment so each child will have the best start for a lifelong passion for learning. 


I have worked for AKG for almost a year now and love my work. AKG fulfils my visions of how to manage a centre and shares my philosophy. My managers’ support has been just amazing and I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.


My childhood memory of my first day of school was special. As we placed all our pencil cases` on our table I realized I forgot my eraser. I was sitting next to a child I had never met before and the first hour of my school life I thought about how to ask him to share his eraser in case I need it. This was kind of freaking me out on my first day. I never needed the eraser on that day.

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