Meet Sara

Meet Sara our Dance & Drama Educator from the Learn & Grow Team

I began dancing when I was six years old. I always knew that I wanted to do something with dance when I was older and in 2016, I received my Bachelor of Dance with Drama Electives.

Throughout my career as a dancer, I have performed in the Opening Ceremony for the 2015 Netball World Cup, The Buddha’s Wife a work choreographed and performed by Eileen Kramer who is 103 years old and multiple works by Bonnie Curtis Projects, who focuses on modern society issues.

I have also been blessed with the opportunity to work with children for ten years, teaching dance, drama and gymnastics to children aged eighteen months to eleven years old. Through this, I realised the absolute joy of teaching Early Childhood. Children love to express themselves with dance and drama as they are able to explore their imaginations and what they feel. It’s a truly rewarding experience.

In 2018 I joined Active Kids Group as the Dance & Drama Educator for the Learn & Grow team. In our classes we focus on improving the children’s dance fundamentals through fun games and adventures while building their confidence by playing different characters and exploring different scenarios in exciting activities.

In my classes I have seen the children grow in their fine and gross motor skills, expression of feelings and strengthen their social skills. The children have such enthusiasm to explore new ideas and discuss important topics. My goal is to have the children flourish in their confidence, creativity and imagination and help them build a strong self-identity and a passion for performing.

While my time here has been short, working at AKG and with the Learn & Grow team is incredibly rewarding. The amount of support, encouragement and kindness I have received throughout the services has been wonderful.

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