A Little About Megan

I began my Early childhood journey in 2011 studying my certificate III straight out of high school. I soon got a job as a casual working across all age groups before combining my passion for travel and early education moving abroad to be a nanny in America. I loved working abroad but decided to head back home to Sydney where I took on various roles still in the early childhood setting.

I joined Active Kids in 2019 becoming part of the head office team, little did I know 6 months later I would become Coordinator of the Active Kids Newtown service. Newtown has earned itself as the most rewarding service I have had the pleasure of working with. The educators and families play a huge role in this and together have created not just a safe and friendly environment but loving community for all making my role as coordinator that much easier.

Outside of work I spend most of my time learning new and exciting things and traveling whenever I can. My latest adventure is tackling the sewing machine making heat packs and blankets. I also enjoy learning to cook new meals in the kitchen although cleaning the mess is not half as fun as creating it. My favorite place that I have traveled would hands down have to be a tiny little island off Madrid called Menorca.

As a child one of my favorite memories would have to be our annual trip to Jambaroo with family and friends, having our designated meeting point for all the kids to swap cars for the ride down. This is where my love for fast ride and them parks blossomed.

Another passion of mine would have to be marine life and keeping our oceans clean. This is something I also implement with the children teaching them “take 3 for the sea” and educating them on recycling. Hear at Newtown we have a compost bin for all our food scraps along with our “water warriors” making sure all taps get turned off and our unwanted water gets recycled and fed to the plants.


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