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Professional Educators

Our team is committed to providing your child with an educational and caring environment. To do this we build trusting relationships with your family and work with each family to ensure we understand your child’s needs.

We get to know you at orientation visits and then we continue to communicate with you openly each day that your child attends. Our educators will provide your child with support to develop confidence in their own abilities and the opportunity to extend on their knowledge of the world we live in. We also know that your child enjoys lots of care and praise during the day. We provide our educators with a positive work environment and we support each educator’s ongoing professional development to provide you with the best team. We provide learning and employee recognition opportunities to ensure that we retain our teams, so that the relationships they build with your child are long lasting.

Active Kids Group Management Team

Active Kids Group services are supported by an expert team of early childhood education professionals who provide leadership and consultation.

The team ensures we deliver quality education to our children as well as ensuring that we continue to be recognised leaders in the provision of early childhood services.

Active Kids Group operations, children’s services, financial, administration, human resources, marketing managers lead our education and development strategy. Our Management team inspires and motivates the team of passionate early child hood professionals, creates a mentoring culture of continual improvement, implements professional development workshops and ensures that all educators have access to a wide range of educational materials.

Active Kids Group Family Relations Team

Active Kids Group have a dedicated family relations team who are here to assist you with all of your enrolment enquiries.

This team is dedicated to providing you with the most up to date, efficient and professional advice and service. The family relations team can be contacted on (02) 8362 3000 enrolments@activekidsgroup.com.au