A Little About Teghan

I have been working in Early Childhood for the past 14 years. I started working in childcare as soon as I turned 18 and had finished my certificate lll in Children’s Services. I quickly realised how passionate I was about Early Childhood and the impact you have on small children’s lives and it was then I decided that this was going to be my career for life. I enrolled to do my diploma in children’s services by correspondence while working fulltime in a large service on the Central Coast.

I soon became a room leader of the Preschool room, then toddlers, babies and then back to Preschool. 10 years flew by within the same company on the Central Coast and that’s when I decided to peruse my Early Childhood career even further. I studied my Certificate lV in Training and Assessment as I have always been a passionate educator and believed I had the knowledge to inspire others to be the best they can be.

I finished my course and then took my long service leave and went to Europe as I pondered about what my next chapter in my career and life would be. When I returned I decided to leave the Central Coast and move to Sydney, which I took a job with Active Kids Group as Coordinator of their smallest centre Rhonda’s Cottage. For me the service really stood out to me as I had worked at a 152-place service for 10 years and this was a small quaint 29 place service located in the wide leafy streets of Cremorne, I knew it was exactly where I was meant to be. Rhonda’s Cottage is like a home away from home and I have been here since 2016.

My favourite part of my job would be establishing connections with families. I believe to be a great Early Childhood teacher you must have significant relationships with their family to be able to know the ‘whole’ child.

I love being a part of Active Kids Group as I love being a part of a large community, we have great support from our family relations team, management and I love being able to work alongside other coordinators and be able to collaborate our ideas.

My favourite childhood memories would be going to our farm in Robertson in the Southern Highlands. I would spend my days with my 2 brothers and sister making cubby houses in the bush, going on bush walks, swimming Belmont falls, riding our motorbikes and being with our animals.

I still love being within nature whether it would be bush walking, snorkelling, paddle boarding or swimming.  I have a passion for traveling as believe this is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer.


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