A Little About Weeam

I have worked in Early Childhood Education for 12 years. I have been working with AKG at Rose Bay Cottage for 9 years now. I have explored a variety of different roles during my time at AKG. I started off as an educator within the nursery room and moved into a room leader role within the toddler’s room.

I then moved into the preschool room and took on another room leader role. During my time as the preschool room leader, I also lead the curriculum as educational leader and took on a 2IC role before taking on the role of centre coordinator.

I have really enjoyed working at RBC over the last few years. I have formed strong relationships and bonds with both the children, families, educators and local community. I have been able to watch the children grow, learn and play from when they first started as nursery children and now as they transition to big school.

I am currently working towards completing my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. At AKG we are regularly trained in First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis and Child Protection. We have a training calendar which provides us with an extensive variety of professional development opportunities such as training sessions and workshops to attend across the year. I have also worked within the retail industry.

I love to read, I was never big on reading but as I grew older I started reading and I found it so relaxing. Reading is a great escape where your mind switches off and the only thing you are focused on is the words on the page.

I also love working out! I do boot camp and Pilates. Fitness and health are a huge part of my everyday lifestyle! And off course I love the sun, beach and to travel! I have travelled to and around Europe, the Middle East, the UAE, Indonesia and around Australia. My favourite holiday destination was definitely Spain.

I am always on a mission at work.. multiple missions ALL at the same time. I am always looking for something new to create or something new to introduce. I am passionate about being an educator and providing children with high quality education and care, empowering them every single day with multiple opportunities for them to grow, learn and play. That is my passion.

I always wanted to be an educator from a very young age, this never changed. My passion since then has only grown even greater. Working with children has been a huge part of my life. It has been both inspiring and rewarding. Watching children learn, grow and develop their imagination and curiosity is rewarding in so many ways.


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