Stages of Development for Early Learning

Stages of Development for Early Learning by Active Kids Group

For nine months, mums and dads dream about and plan for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. The focus is on getting them safely into the world and sometimes, little emphasis is placed on what happens thereafter.

According to specialists in the field, an infant’s brain is already taking in information in utero. This kicks into overdrive the minute they are born. Early learning starts quickly with every sight and sound being interpreted and learned from. The early learning years from birth to five years old are the most crucial for brain development and emotional well-being.

At Active Kids Group, we believe in being an informed parent, especially when it comes to how your child’s early learning development takes place. Here is a short summary of the stages of development during the early learning years for you to start preparing yourself.

 Infancy: 0 – 1 years old

In every stage, children learn and reach what is known as developmental milestones. In infancy, these milestones include things like smiling, learning to wave and crawling.

During this stage, babies mostly learn through interaction and playing with their parents, learning things like movement, strength and language. Infants’ brains begin to develop memory and reasoning too. They learn about bonding through the emotional connections they make with their parents and other close family members.

Toddler: 1 – 3 years old

There is one thing about toddlers and that’s that they’re always on the move, right? During the toddler stage, children learn through moving and exploring. They are constantly looking for new things to play with and new people to interact with.

Toddlers begin to show more independence from their parents and even display defiance, the “I want to do it my way” phenomenon. Language, phrasing, learning people’s names and being able to follow simple instructions are all part of the toddler’s developmental milestones.

 Pre-schooler: 3 – 5 years old

Developmentally, the pre-schoolers brain grows in leaps and bounds. Pre-schoolers can hold solid conversations and reason simply with adults.

Developmental milestones include being able to name colours and shapes and even hop on one foot. Pre-schoolers begin to make emotional connections with teachers and friends that are not their own family and this helps them to develop their personalities and opinions about others.

They love to explore and ask many questions, as this is their brain’s way of learning and comprehending. Other milestones include learning to ride a bicycle, using scissors, dressing themselves (albeit creatively sometimes), telling stories and learning songs.

Early learning of a child is a miraculous evolution to watch. The most important thread through all of their learning methodologies and milestones is the ability to have fun while learning.

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