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transition to school program

Transition to School Program

When a child first attends school, it involves a great deal of change for them and their family. To ease this transition, our educators will always discuss starting school in a positive manner that reinforces a healthy attitude toward the transition.

Our curriculum incorporates school readiness experiences such as lunch box days, school uniform show & tell, and taking part in extended language times. We also arrange an excursion to visit the local school so children may become familiar with the school environment.

Transition to school workshops

Transitioning to school is such an important time and is one of the biggest milestones for children and families. Forming strong relationships between early childhood settings and schools before children start kindergarten assists in ensuring a smooth transition. This also allows for information sharing between families and primary school settings prior to commencement.

As part of our Transition to School Program, our services host school readiness workshops for families in the month of June. Guest speakers to the workshop include a School Principal, Kindergarten teacher, an Occupational Therapist and a parent from the previous year to talk about their transitioning experience. Our speakers are all sourced within our local community. The workshop not only provides parents with information for a smooth transition, but also information needed in the decision making process in sending your child to kindergarten.

School Liaison Program

Our services have built partnerships with their local schools. Each year School Liaison Programs are in place across our services. This program provides the children a learning experience of primary school. The School Liaison Program is planned for 5 weeks visiting the schools on alternate days once a week.

  • Playground visit
  • Classroom visit
  • Library visit
  • Assembly and school hall visit
  • School office and sick bay visit

Transition to School Booklets

Educators in the preschool room complete 3 booklets for the children at the end of year.

“NSW Transition to School Statement”

The NSW transition to school statement is prepared by educators with input from children and families. The NSW Transition to School Statement is given to your child’s teacher the following year. It consists of important information to help your child have a successful start to school.

“I am going to school” booklet

This book is completed by our educators and consists of information about your child’s experiences and interests at our service. The booklet is shared with your child’s primary school teacher and will assist them in learning more about your child’s time at our early childhood service.

“I am starting school next year” booklet

This booklet is completed by you during or after your child’s orientation visits at their primary school. Your child can then share the book and their experiences with their peers at our service. This booklet will also help familiarise your child with their new school as you read the book regularly with them.


Our services hold this very special event for our school leavers at the end of the year. Our Graduation celebration marks this special time in our children’s lives as we all come together to celebrate the end of an amazing year we have had.