Emma from Vaucluse

A Little About Emma

I have been working in the early childhood sector for 7 years. Throughout this time, I have completed my diploma along with a degree in Early Years Education and Special Educational needs from this, exploring all age ranges in early years. Moving to Australia in 2018 I have been working with Active Kids Group since. Starting off as a preschool educator within our Bondi service, I quickly took on the role of room leader, after a year within this role, I then toon on a 3IC role, before being offered the role of service coordinator here at Vaucluse Cottage.

Over the last couple of years, I have really enjoyed working within AKG, I have built, lasting relationships with children, families, staff and management. Throughout my time here, I have loved to watch the children grow, be part of graduation and knowing that I have played a part in their growing, learning and development.

I completed my diploma in Early Years Education at the age of 18, from this I knew that I wanted to further my career within early years. I then enrolled at university, in further completing a degree in Early Years Education and Special educational needs and have been working in the sector since. Here in AGK all members of staff are provided fantastic opportunities through our training calendar, which I love to take advantage of and further my knowledge and skills

I love to draw, making and creating things being a educator, I don’t know who loved it more, me or the children! We should sit at the drawing table for hours and before we knew it, there was castles and dinosaurs going home in everyone’s backpacks. Travelling has always been a huge interest within my life. From a young age I have had itchy feet and I have been very fortunate to see lots of the world, however, moving to Australia, gives me great opportunities to travel within and see beautiful places on this side of the world.  living in such a beautiful part of the world, I like to take advantages of the sights that we have, having weekend trips away is a new hobby of mine since the move and I love it.

I have always been passionate about being an educator, I love forming relationships with the children and families, and putting a smile on children’s faces daily and knowing that I was the reason for that smile. Providing all children with opportunities to learn grown and develop overall, ensuring that they have the best opportunity in their early years is my passion

From a very young age I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to be an educator, having a large family at home and growing up with having siblings around ensured me in the path that I have taken. In completion of my diploma, that’s when I knew I wanted to further my knowledge and complete my degree, from this, giving myself the skills to pass onto other educators and of course, children.


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