When their vision becomes their reality – Vaucluse Cottage

When their vision becomes their reality….

On a quiet leafy street in Vaucluse sits our very own ‘Vaucluse Cottage’.

Nestled amongst a historic landmark church and tall trees, the voices and sounds of children chatting, playing and quite often singing their favourite songs, is echoed through Fitzwilliam Road, along with the frequent visiting laughing Kookaburras!

It is here through our play based learning and elements of nature, we gather our thoughts connecting with the world around us.

What started as a conversation about the children’s favourite play space, soon became a postcode project.

Creating a further sense of belonging to a place most already call home, the children talked about what they would like to contribute to our preschool room ‘revamp’.

There was no better way to be expressive than to create their own vision maps and collaborate these ideas on paper.

Our group time consisted of each child listening to one another’s ideas and being respectful of each other’s suggestions as to what they would like to incorporate into the new room. That’s not to say that maybe (italic and upper case) these strong minded pre-schoolers disagreed about which area the dinosaurs should live!

Our little learner’s feedback contributed to the setup of spaces and what we would integrate into these areas and through this task, learning the concept and understanding of responsibility and respect for each other and their environment.

Based on these responses and using a variety of catalogues, magazines and drawings we created our wish list and then put our plan into action!

With our own little site managers and construction workers, our youngest tradies had enough people power to take on the task of rebuilding their room. Our hats were on and there were no tools down until this was completed.

There are endless opportunities in our expressive arts area with loose parts and a variety of accessible mediums inclusive of play dough, markers, paints, oils and natural craft materials.

Our pirate ship docked outdoors takes the children on adventures of a lifetime whilst the captain sails the sea of Parsley Bay!

Mathematical and scientific discovery spaces allow for small group or individual exploration.

Our smart board provides educators, children and families access to resources and informative tools beyond their imagination at the touch of a button.

Our construction area is filled with blocks, tracks, connectors, mobilos, Legos and more which are currently being used to create our next project!

The many facial expressions I had the pleasure of seeing when our little learners finally walked into their new space will forever remain with me. There was a new sense of discovery and curiosity, a new element of enquiry and investigation but most of all, a new sense of identity: a place where they still feel safe, supported and where our children’s voices were heard.

This was “When their vision becomes their reality”

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