Active Kids Group Welcomes Naomi Hunter this Child Protection Week

Naomi Hunter is visiting Active Kids Group this Protection Week

Naomi Hunter is the internationally acclaimed author of a ‘Secret Safe to Tell’

A Secret Safe to Tell is a book about a young girl who is confused by the games played by her older ‘friend’. His games make her sad and confused. It is only when she has the courage to tell someone she trusts that her heart begins to heal. This beautifully illustrated book encourages and  empowers children to speak up if someone is making them feel upset or confused. Written as a way of healing from her own childhood abuse, Naomi Hunter’s book is an important resource for anyone who has children in their care, including parents, teachers, counsellors, libraries and schools.

If you would like to purchase one of Naomi’s titles prior to your child’s centre visit, please visit

To receive free shipping on your purchase, enter the promo code ‘AKG2018’ at checkout. Your purchase will then be delivered to your child’s centre by Naomi during her visit.

Tuesday 4th September

9:00am – Homebush

10:00am – Ermington

11:00am – Cremorne

Wednesday 5th September 

9:00am – Woollahra

10:00am – Bondi

11:00am – Rose Bay

2:30pm – Vaucluse

Thursday 6th September 

9:00am – Edgecliff

10:00am – City

11:00am – Newtown

Friday 7th September

9:00am – Moore Park 

10:00am – Mascot

11:00am – Narwee (3-5 years)

For further information please contact The Family Relations Team on Ph: 8362 3000.



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