My daughter, Lara has been attending at Thumbelina (Active Kids Group Edgecliff ) since she was 6 months old. She is now 3 years and 9 months.

In a few weeks we are moving and I have spent considerable time visiting day care centres in the area of our new home.

Having visited numerous centres in the recent weeks, it has made me realise how incredibly grateful I am that Lara has had the opportunity to attend a centre as wonderful as Thumbelina.  Being very frank, each centre I have visited pales in comparison when looking at the facilities, programs, staff and the general atmosphere.

Lara has grown to be a kind-hearted, articulate and confident child and I believe a lot of the credit for this goes to the staff at Thumbelina over the years. Thumbelina has created such a caring and nurturing environment, enabling Lara to simply thrive. It is clear that each staff member there genuinely cares about each child that attends the centre.

While all the staff I have encountered has been caring, warm, friendly and lovely to deal with, I do want to make a special mention of a particular staff member whom Lara has built a very special and close bond with namely, Rashi. Lara is a sensitive and emotional child and she built such a special bond with Rashi who has provided her with appropriate comfort and security. When we do come to the point of changing day care centres, I have no doubt that Lara will miss all the educators but in particular, Rashi (my husband and I).

I also want to provide a special note in relation to Katie who flawlessly runs the centre. She is exceptionally competent, friendly, adored by the children and well-respected by the parents.