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Active Kids Ermington
Kissing Point Road
Ermington NSW 2115
Phone: 02 8362 3000
Email: enrolments@activekidsgroup.com.au

Hours of Operation: 7:00am to 6:00pm

Our Active Kids Centre at Ermington has been providing quality care since 1999. In 2017 we underwent the Assessment & Rating process and were awarded an Exceeding rating and also voted by the Active Kids Management Team as Outstanding Centre of the Year.

We provide education based on the Early Years Learning Framework and we encourage the children to foster a love of learning through play and exploration. We cater and program for children 8 weeks to 6 years old as well as incorporating school readiness for our 3 to 6 year old children by incorporating life readiness skills from their very first day at the centre.

We also use our own parent communication app. Designed exclusively for all families at Active Kids Group. Our secure parent portal, facilitates effortless parent involvement at all times. This is a great tool for parents to help track children’s progress and offer input and feedback in relation to their child’s learning.

The Active Kids Group app is designed to enable parents to participate holistically in their child’s experience through photos, notes and stories. Through a secure and private log-in, parents gain access to snapshots of the day, which complements the personal interaction at the centre.

Our age groups consist of:

0 to 1 years Nursery 1 Room

1 to 2 years Nursery 2 Room

2 to 3 years Toddler Room

3 to 4 years Preschool Room 1

4 to 6 years Preschool Room 2

Our natural environments inclusive of our landscaped designed outdoor space provide children with endless opportunities to discover, investigate and learn about the world around them. The children learn to be responsible and sustainable as they care for various vegetables, herbs and plants in our gardens and also create mealtime practices that maintain our worm farm.

The children at our centre have access to:

  • – Our Learn & Grow team that consists of a Fitness Coach and Language and Dance & Drama teachers that visit our centre weekly to deliver a specially designed program
  • – An interactive whiteboard that the children use for multiple purposes including research on interest based projects, music movement experiences, yoga and writing experiences
  • – A flexible learning program that follows their interests
  • – Dedicated, qualified and long standing Early Childhood professionals that are committed to their roles
  • – A strong sense of community and family within this tightknit centre
  • – Celebrations of various events throughout the year celebrating family, culture and traditions
  • – Transition to school visits with Ermington West Pubic School
  • – Monthly visits with Arrunga aged care facility

We also have a magnificent chef that works on-site 5 days per week who prepares 5 meals a day; breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late snack for your children. We have two 4 week rotating menus to ensure there is variety across the days and weeks and we are also guided by the government to ensure we are providing our children’s growing bodies with nutritious foods from each of the 5 food groups on a fortnightly cycle. In addition to the above inclusions, we also provide our younger children with nappies, formula (S26 Gold) & a comfortable space for our breastfeeding mums.

“Where do I begin? My son Xander is absolutely thriving at this centre and loves all the ladies that care for him. They really work to make it as comfortable for him as possible. Really impressed with the meals that the kids have and also having daily updates when he attends along with an overview of what they had learnt or what they did is always a pleasure to see. Love how interactive the teachers are and are always looking for feedback from the parents in ways to make the children feel more comfortable. Overall, we are all happy with this centre and recommend it to anyone in the area. Thank you Active Kids :)” – Kasandra Floric

“One of hardest thing for a parent is putting their kids into day-care and making sure someone else can look after your child just like you would. The education, professionalism, kindness and love that the management and staff at Active Kids Ermington show toward my two children is absolutely to the highest standard. The staff have assisted me to settle into my kids care and their routines. The centre is clean and well equipped with equipment and Educational resources for both ages. They both love going there (5 months and 2.5 years) and I can’t recommend them and their care centre enough. They also have a full equipped kitchen and cook that prepare nutritional and fresh meals each day to the kids which is awesome” – Rocco

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