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Active Kids Moore Park
20 Gadigal Avenue Cnr O’Dea Avenue
Moore Park NSW 2021
Phone: 02 8362 3000
Email: enrolments@activekidsgroup.com.au

Hours of Operation: 7:00am to 6:00pm

Active Kids Moore Park is a purpose built centre operating since June 2013 catering for 62 children per day aged 8 weeks to 6 years. Our centre is located in a secured building allowing only educators, parents and authorised caregivers access to the centre. We offer secure undercover parking for drop off and pick up and all rooms are equipped with security cameras.

Active Kids Moore Park has a team of dedicated and committed qualified Early Childhood Educators who bring a world of experience to our centre.

Our Early Childhood Educational curriculum, the Early Years Learning Framework, is rich in meaning and ensures all children’s emerging interests, knowledge and abilities are acknowledged.  We encourage the children to foster a love of learning through play and exploration.  We incorporate school readiness for our 3 to 6 year old children and we incorporate life readiness skills from commencement of care.

We welcome family input recognising families are the most significant people in the lives of the children. In order to provide the best quality care and education setting for our children, we must collaborate and communicate with families. Developing these partnerships allows us to implement a child focused curriculum based on the children’s interests that caters to the development of the child inspiring a love of learning.

We also use our own parent communication app. Designed exclusively for all families at Active Kids Group. Our secure parent portal, facilitates effortless parent involvement at all times. This is a great tool for parents to help track children’s progress and offer input and feedback in relation to their child’s learning.

The Active Kids Group app is designed to enable parents to participate holistically in their child’s experience through photos, notes and stories. Through a secure and private log-in, parents gain access to snapshots of the day, which complements the personal interaction at the centre.

Our age groups consist of:

0 to 2 years Nursery Room

2 to 3 years Toddler Room

3 to 6 years Preschool Room

Our indoor environments are reflective of our commitment to natural settings fitted with wooden furniture and toys. The indoor environments are separated into sections to cater for the differing age groups and are programmed with age appropriate activities and experiences.

Our very large outdoor environment is separated into 3 sections for each age group and has been designed to allow children to learn, discover, investigate, grow and develop at their own pace within natural surroundings. Children actively participate in caring for our vegetable garden and sustaining our worm farm.

Our chef works on-site 5 days per week and prepares fresh nutritious meals including breakfast, morning tea, hot lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. We have a 4 week rotating seasonal menu and cater to all children’s needs including any special dietary requirements.

Our Learn and Grow team consists of a Fitness Coach, Language (French) and a Dance/Drama Teacher that visit our centre weekly to deliver a specially designed program for our children.

We also offer weekly music classes – Piano, Drums, Ukulele, Xylophone and Violin.

Throughout the year, Active Kids Moore Park holds a variety of events which reflect the surrounding community that we encourage our families to participate in.

We also offer a sliding scale fee structure based on the number of days your child attends.

“Active Kids Moore Park provides a safe, warm and nurturing environment for young children. The love and dedication of the educators is very genuine and appreciated by all of us as parents!”

“The exposure of different activities for children to engage in, thus helping them to realize their interests and potential.

“I thank all the educators that have been looking after my son.  He started very shaky but with the educators care and effort, he slowly but surely adjusted and it’s a joy to see his photos enjoying himself.  You guys play a huge role in my son’s life and we’re grateful that you take pride in what you do” Sadaf 

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